More about Warriors of Dystonia

What is it?

I have supported a few charities over the years, but for some reason I have never really looked closer to home, at myself and what I am dealing with.  I have wanted to work on something that makes a difference and means something for a long time, but never really knew where to start.  One night, not long after Christmas 2019, I woke up with the initial ideas of Warriors of Dystonia and everything felt so right. 

What I’m hoping for is to give people who are going through all forms of dystonia an opportunity to share their story not only with people through social media, but in the form of a printed book (I will make it readable online too).   Capture it all, sharing anything that Dystonia Warriors wish to share; the beginning of the journey, diagnosis, coping with, and challenges and triumphs!!! Perhaps someone in your family or a friend of yours has dystonia and you support them. I would still appreciate your story.

I chose the name Warriors of Dystonia for three reasons

  1. I love reading Humans of New York and Warriors of Dystonia has a similar rhythm to the name.
  2. Dystonia Warriors is a term widely used – I just flipped it
  3. It sounds cool!

It’s important to me that readers know that this isn’t a self-help book, it’s a book of fellow Dystonia Warriors sharing their story.  There may be advice and coping mechanisms, which will surely help but that’s not the main aim of the book. I want this to be something that Dystonia Warriors can read and remind themselves that they are one of many Warriors who are fighting this battle.  A book to share with family and friends to offer more insight and awareness, to clear the path to a better understanding of how kick-ass we are!

I will reach out to printers and publishers, with the last option being a self-publishing route.  All profits from the sales of the book will then go to dystonia research and dystonia charities. 

If you want to know more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to click the Contact Karl button below or check out the FAQ page.  Otherwise, if you are ready share your story with me, please click the lets get started button