Welcome to Warriors of Dystonia!

Warriors of Dystonia is all about awareness! More specifically, Dystonia awareness!

Dystonia is a neurological condition that can affect many parts of the body at any age and has no cure. Few people have heard of the condition despite it being the third most common movement disorder behind essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease – read more

The aim of the Warriors of Dystonia project is to spread awareness of dystonia by sharing the real life stories and journeys of people who’s lives are affected either directly by dystonia or those who care for people who have dystonia. This is being done through a book that was released in April 2021 as well as Podcasts.

Warriors of Dystonia Book available now!

Stories and experiences from people who either have dystonia or care for someone with dystonia, all in their own words, capturing the journeys, the ups and downs and the battles of brave dystonia warriors from around the world!

The Warriors of Dystonia project was set up in 2020 by Karl Kiddie, who has had Cervical Dystonia since 2007

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